Fleeting: Back on that Writing Saddle… Sort Of

One of the problems that have been fairly steady as of late versus ten plus years ago is that although ideas, thoughts, and stories are constant in their presence and in the imagination, the actual writing of them into a cohesive unit is far more difficult

Case in point, one of the oldest fanfictions (what author does not create “what if scenarios” for their favorite characters) the process was fairly smooth in composition. Pick a starting point and simply write. The different groups of characters from three differing places of the world had their own stories to tell before they were to meet and seeing what they were doing came easily… more than easily… it was there.

Another story written before that, the storyline was fairly straightforward, but the writing thereof was not linear, it was all over the place. One moment it was towards the end of the store, the next it was the beginning, and then perhaps somewhere in the middle. Just all over the place until the entirety finally poured on to the page and was then completed.

Nowadays find the writing just as piece meal as it was in those early days. With ideas and storyline all over the place but no real cohesive unit anywhere except in the grandiose scheme of things.

Like right now, as much as one would try to focus on a particular character… another group of characters (currently dubbed “The Musketeers”) just keep clamoring to be seen, then again, gentlemen of that persuasion tend to want for attention. What is an author to do than to write the scene involving these particular enigmatic group of gentlemen and see what would happen.

So what did happen?

Nothing that the author was not already aware of, except everything. Suddenly a piece of the world became clearly, the timeline made more sense, there is more of an idea of where characters were, who was there, and what they were doing. Just out of thin air.

And this is why more often than not the characters write their own stories and the author simply notates the actions that she sees versus the author dictating what the characters should say or do.

Will “The Musketeers” be the starting point of this particular project? Emphatically, no. At least, not as a group and definitely not yet. But it would appear that they are becoming much more involved than initially believed… then again that could be the fault of the series of novels that have been on hand as of late: Lauren Willig‘s “The Pink Carnation” series. But that is another post for another day.

One can suppose that this post is purely for rambling purposes, and not far off the mark. However, this is also a hint for what is on the to-do list… and it is a very long one indeed.

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