Fleeting: Disney Inspired Stuff

Lover of Disney the following are various pages that bring a new perspective to the Disney world:

JIRKA DESIGN: This artist decided to take the various Disney characters and set them to “reality”, thus calling them the “real life” versions of Disney characters.
Jirka’s Blog
Facebook Page

“TWISTED PRINCESSES” series: This artist took the Disney Heroines and turned them dark… twisted. A lot of the later ones, the artist has included stories to explain how they have turned “dark and twisted”.
DeviantArt Page
The Art of Jeffrey Thomas

THE HUNGER GAMES the Disney Version: The artist created a breakdown of the Disney Heroes/Heroines if they were in the Hunger Games, ingenious really. I enjoyed it.
DeviantArt page of the work
Artist Gallery of male Disney villains if they were female

POCKET PRINCESSES: Drawn by Amy Mebberson , she takes all of the Disney heroines and have them interact as if they were all staying under the same roof.

DAVID KAWENA’S DISNEY HEROES: Various Disney Heroes… in the buff.
– Other Disney works on his DeviantArt Page
Facebook Page
Facebook Album of the Heroes Collection


DisneyBound is meant to be inspiration for you to pull together your own outfits which work for your body and wallet whether from your closet or local mall.

Via Polyvore

LOVE, ASHLEY DESIGNS: This was an artist whose work I was introduced to and I absolutely love.

KAREN HALLION: Another artist whose art I was introduced to and absolutely love.
Facebook Page

DISNEY STAINED GLASS: These are Disney characters set to stained glass.
Mandie Manzano’s Personal Webpage
Original Disney Stained Glass article from The Mary Sue
Mandie Manzano’s Facebook Page

Harrods’ Designer Disney Dresses
Disney Bridal
Reinterpreting Disney Princess Costumes via a Historical Lens
Pokemon Princesses
Disney Princesses re-imaged in Steampunk
Disney Princesses Reimaged as Superheroes
Disney Heroines in Lingerie

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