Fleeting: Men’s Musical Pants

While walking towards the Magic Kingdom from our hotel, my friend and I passed by a guy with his little girl… to which my friend said:

Music is coming from his pants…

To which I couldn’t help but reply:

Well if there was a prototype out there for pants that men could wear that would automatically make music, what would be the controls?

I figured if you tap the left side of the left butt cheek then the sound would veer more towards the left… and consequently when you tap the right side of the right butt cheek then the sound would veer towards the right.

Tap the bottom of the butt cheeks and the bass would go up or down… then you’d have to tap the top of the butt cheeks to increase or decrease the treble.

Twist one butt cheek and you turn up or down the sound coming from the pants.

Which begs the question? How do you turn the music pants on or off? Well you just pull the rod up in front to turn the music on, push it to turn the music off.

And since there is an antenna built within the pants, you only need to twist the knobs behind the on / off rod to figure out which station you’d prefer.

The glorious thing about this “music pants” prototype… is that it is automatically catered to the man wearing them depending on the rod size… differing lengths offer a differing set station.

Ah yes… the things with come up with while walking towards the Magic Kingdom.

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