Fleeting: Sense and Sensibility the Musical by Jeffrey Haddow and Neal Hampton

Back in late-September of 2011, I went to New York City to watch the up and coming musical: Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice via the New York Musical Festival.

When I first listened to the music for Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice created by Lindsay Warren Baker and Amanda Jacobs, I would admit, as much as I enjoyed pieces of the music I wasn’t completely sold. Until I went to see this production live on stage… seeing everything put together did the music come to life to me. Not necessarily a good thing, but it does bring the audience goer deeper into the story.

The music of Sense & Sensibility by Jeffrey Haddow and Neal Hampton is very similar to that for me. When listening to the music, I was intrigued, but very few songs drew me in. One of these being “I Must Have Sense” that Elinor sings to Marianne in an attempt to prevent herself from breaking down in the possibility of losing her sister.

In the meantime while reading my RSS Feed I found out that one Marcia Milgrom Dodge (Tony nominee for Best Direction of a Musical of the 2009’s revival of Ragtime) was tapped to direct the production at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts for their 2012-2013 season.

Now mind you, just like Pride & Prejudice, there are multiple versions of Sense & Sensibility as a musical out there. However, to my ears, this is the probably the first to have enough strength in the music to keep the average theater goer entertained.

With a strong vocal cast for the demo recordings (Christiane Noll, Brandi Burkhardt, and Jeremiah James to name a few) I am personally looking forward to seeing the growth of this particular production.

Though there is nothing unique with this particular production, the story and music does have a kind of charm to it. There is a simplicity to the feel of the production that I rather enjoy. So come April/May of 2013, I may actually consider the possibility of flying out to Denver to see this production onstage. Much like how I considered going to Rochester, NY to see Pride & Prejudice on stage.

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