Fleeting: Parking… in General

Anyone that has been in a car while I have parked (primarily parallel parking) would probably know that I do rather well in being able to squeeze my car in spaces with just under a foot of extra room total. Lots of practice, I assure you…

So earlier this week I was parking in a traditional parking structure and with my penchant of enjoying backing my car into a spot, I found a spot and squeezed my car in. Squeezed because both cars on either side were drifting from the center of their own spots and towards the spot that I decided to claim:


If you noticed with the other two cars… technically they are both drifting into the spot that I decided to park my car. Now mind you, the above picture is just an example of the kind of parking I deal with regularly… so the parking in question is relatively similar with the cars in question and with my car… if only for the fact that my car is perfectly center while the other two were drifting into the spot.

So why am I posting about this particular instance?

Welcome to the note I received when I went back to my car later that day:


Say what now?

I mean really… If I have no issues getting in and out of my car with the space provided without having to do any unnecessary climbing AND my car is clearly parked in between the appropriate lines… then logic dictates that my car in question is not the issue. (Nor my size, but that’s going far beyond the line)

Granted maybe the unknown party felt that they were justified in their note because they parked prior to the arrival of my car, but at the same time… really? I mean REALLY?

Ah well. People these days… this entitlement mentality is really beginning to wear thin. I mean I could have easily just take a picture of the park job with her license plate and send it off to some higher power… yeah anyway… moving on. 🙂

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