Entertainment: Lego does The Justice League

Ok seriously nerds everywhere have been looking for a decent Justice League movie to come out of the Hollywood house and nothing? The Avengers have a string of movies coming out and sequels up the wazoo… so who has a good movie down the pipeline?


Now seriously… why is this not in theaters? I mean really.

Gotta love my nerd blogs for gems like this (in this case from the Gamma Squad).

I mean if I have friends who are more than capable of creating stop motion films using legos and do them well (here’s looking at you apallyon7) then seriously there should be more of this out there on the market.

Seriously Monty Python definitely comes to mind:

Granted there is already a Lego related movie slated to hit theaters in early 2014 – Lego: The Piece of Resistance where Lego Batman and Lego Superman are slated to make an appearance.

Though seriously… back to square one: why is the Justice League LEGO film going straight to DVD? So not cool.