Review: The Voice of Việt Nam (Live Rounds – Hồ Ngọc Hà Edition)

Finally we have the fourth and final team for whom we will look at the breakdown of the seven vocalists as they are whittle down to five.

Taking a look at the official posted results we can easily figure out at least two of the final five that will be moving forward.

First off let us get the runaway favorite out of the way for this team who happens to be Bùi Anh Tuấn who sang Hoang Mang (Bewildered). He received 47.2% of the total team vote.

The second place public vote recipient went to Đinh Thị Thanh Hương (13.81%) who sang Forever And One

So who were the lucky vocalists to be given a free pass by the judge to move on to the next round?

Well first a little bit of drama happened where Thiều Bảo Trang was forced to withdraw from the competition amongst scandal that I am still trying to understand at the moment… but still touch upon towards the end of this post.

After the withdrawal of Thiều Bảo Trang who received 12.69% of the total team vote and as thus placing her third overall… Hồ Ngọc Hà chose Đào Bá Lộc (11.28%) and Nguyễn Thị Thái Trinh (4.66%) as the lucky vocalists to move on to the next round who placed fourth and sixth respectively.

Between the two remaining vocalists, it was Tiêu Châu Như Quỳnh’s rendition of Hurt that won over her coach.

It was her rendition of I Will Survive that initially won the judges over in the blind auditions:

As it will be for any reality based competition… there is bound to be drama, scandal, intrigue… so I cannot say that I am surprised here. American television is running rampant with all sorts of story manipulation amongst contestants of various walks of life… some competitors given favor over others because they tended to be “part of the family” etc.

So is this really a surprise? In any case, the scandal within The Voice of Vietnam appears to revolve around the musical director of the show and the manipulating the results of the vocalists by over-riding the song selection by the coaches. Particularly in favor of other vocalist for which there are personal or academic ties. Granted there is more going on here, but the musical director is definitely in the center of the scandal here.

How would it affect the show from this point onward is anyone’s guess… but after being jaded with the constant manipulations here in America no matter where one looks… like I said, I can’t say that I am surprised in the least.