Entertainment: Games / Toys turning into Movies

So, as this old news, what surprise is there in that Hasbro is looking into turning some of their other properties into potential movies? After Transformers, G.I.Joe, and Battleship what else could possibly be turned into a movie?

Plenty as it would appear…

According to the Los Angeles Times:

Hasbro, has signed a deal with independent production and finance company Emmett/Furla Films to make movies based on the board games Hungry Hungry Hippos and Monopoly and the toy Action Man.

Rhode Island-headquartered Hasbro, which has a film production office at the Universal Pictures lot, announced the three-picture deal Thursday and confirmed that the first movie will be “Monopoly,” which the two companies hope to start production on in 2013.

Hmm… oook. I have a morbid curiosity as to how this is going to work out… as I read through the article I noticed that there were other properties in the pipeline for movie-dom:

Along with sequels to “Transformers” and “G.I. Joe” at Paramount, Hasbro has other properties set up around Hollywood, including Candyland at Sony Pictures and Stretch Armstrong at Relativity Media.

Transformers was bound to sell, I mean Transformers not only was a toyline, but was an animated and comic book series. So the chances of Transformers doing well was going to be very very high. G.I.Joe was very similar as well. Those two properties had built in fanbases for other aspects outside of the initial toyline.

But what about Battleship? As I will talk about more in depth in my review of the movie, the game Battleship itself was just the inspiration while the movie was a storyline that attempted to include the game itself in the story.

Very difficult to do for a lot of different reasons. To start within the movie, the game itself only took up perhaps a ten to twenty minute sequence in a night battle with the alien ships. As interesting as the battle itself was, in some ways it did and did not make sense to me. If the alien had such advanced technology that works well at night they should have been able to detect the surviving ship and pick it off in the middle of the night… but I digress.

Monopoly is also going to be interesting to see, but I really don’t know how a movie could be created out of a game with no real “mythology” or background to draw from. It is very easy to see Monopoly to follow the path of that of Battleship.

Also, according to the Huffington Post

Michael Bay’s “Ouija” is being developed by Universal for a 2013 release. […] “Candy Land” — described as “The Lord of the Rings” set in a world of candy — is in pre-production at Sony Corp.

Ok, now Candyland is tickling my fancy a bit…

Imagine “The Lord of the Rings” — but set in a world of candy. Yep. That’s pretty much what the “Candy Land” writers have in mind. In case you forgot, Candy Land requires no reading and minimal counting skills, making it suitable for young children. That doesn’t really scream Mordor to us. Here’s what writer Jonathan Aibel told EW in 2011: “We don’t see it as a movie based on a board game, although it has characters from that world and takes the idea of people finding themselves in a world that happens to be made entirely of candy where there are huge battles going on.” We don’t think Gandalf is too happy about this.

As for Oujia I could see being a little bit of Jumanji and Final Destination combined where the players ask the boards questions and the board gives them answers… and over the course of the movie the answer come true… all in probably the strangest and most grotesque ways. Ew… there went my imagination.

Granted Michael Bay has insisted that it is not going to be like Jumanji:

The Ouija board has been giving us nightmares since 1966, and like most memorable childhood franchises, it’s getting the Michael Bay treatment. Bay has been attached to the “Ouija” project since 2008, and he has insisted that it will be nothing like “Jumanji.” However, with a new budget of only $5 million (yikes!), it looks like Bay will have to keep the explosions to a minimum.

And in case anyone has forgotten… way back when Clue(do) was turned into a movie and garnered a bit of a cult following. However, it would appear that a remake is in the works.

Launched in 1949, Clue — or Cluedo, as it’s known overseas — is perhaps the most famous murder/mystery board game ever, and it made for one hilarious 1985 film, starring Tim Curry, Eileen Brennan, Lesley Ann Warren, Christopher Lloyd and Michael McKean. But one unsuccessful adaptation just wasn’t enough. Universal Studios recently announced that a remake is in the works with a release date set for 2013, so kick back and have a drink — but watch out for Professor Plum. He looks a little suspicious.

I think I am in the majority when I say I am looking forward to a fresh new adaptation of Clue to come about. As funny as the original was, I would prefer to see the movie to start a bit truer to the actual game itself.

Also Clue was turned into a musical stage production! That has been put up in various community theatre productions throughout the United States:

Hmm… maybe I should go through my wish list of board games that could be turned into legitimate movies.

Maybe, one day.