Entertainment News: Into the Woods in NYC and MN

At first I was so excited that Into the Woods was going to get the outdoor treatment and seeing who was cast in the show at Shakespeare in the Park nearly convinced me to make the trip to NYC towards the end of July just to see it happen.

Now after just reading the possibility of The Public Theater talking to investors and raising the funds to see it make a turn on Broadway, it just makes me giddy with anticipation.

The last time I was this giddy for Into the Woods was in October of 2010 when it was announced a concert version of Into the Woods featuring all Asian American actors would be put on to benefit the National Asian American Theatre Company. That particular production starred Ann Harada (original Christmas Eve from Avenue Q) as the Witch, and featured Jose Llana, Telly Leung and others in the production.

It would seem that another group is deciding to follow suit: MU Performing Arts up in St Paul, Minnesota will be putting on an all Asian-American production of Into the Woods slated to go up in mid-July and running through mid-August. For me the temptation to see an all Asian-American production of Into the Woods is too much for me to ignore, but we’ll see if I could make the trip. =)

Yes, I’m a little obsessed here.

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