Fleeting: Other Movies that I Partially Watched While Flying Overseas

This was one of several movies I watched on my flights between Chicago and Vietnam that I either
1: did not watch entirely on my own (meaning someone else had it on and I just happened to be watching over his shoulder and consequently I felt that I needed to watch it in its entirety later on
2: was watching on my own, however fell asleep at some point during the movie that I missed crucial moments and as thus didn’t have a chance to watch in its entirety
3: was watching but fast forwarded parts because I got bored quickly but wanted to see what happened towards the end.

So which movies had this dubious pleasure? Based on the above criterion:
1: Battleship
2: The Lorax, Puss in Boots
3: Footloose

I am sure there are others and eventually I will watch the above movies in their entirety in the comfort of my home and review about them.

Granted there were probably a lot of other movies I glanced at, but at the moment they escape me… however should I remember of any others than the above I am sure I will post the movies here and link back as well.

However in the meantime…

The first in the above series? Battleship and The Lorax.