Review: Tangled Ever After

While listening to ABC’s Dancing with the Stars for the online blog PureDWTS where I am a blogger… there were commercials running for the new DVD / Blu-Ray pack for Cinderella. Typically I zone out these commercials and continue working until something else piqued my interest. Namely the fact that the Disney short film “Tangled Ever After” was to be a part of it.

Say What?!?!?!? Now I loved Tangled when it first came out… so much so that I bought the DVD and watched it a few times since, but now? Yeah… it was a music watch… so here!

Needless to say… I loved it.

So I started scurrying the web for more information.

Trivia from the Disney Wiki:

1) In the original Tangled film Maximus is depicted with brown eyes, but in the movie poster for Tangled Ever After, he’s depicted with blue eyes. This is an error on the animators’ part, but was fixed in time for the film as seen in the preview shown on the Disney official Youtube account.
2) In a clip of the wedding, Rapunzel has a very long veil which represents the long hair she used to have.
3) In the short, Rapunzel’s mother has her first speaking role, though it is only one line of dialogue, and it wasn’t actually real, since it was in Maximus and Pascal’s imaginations.

Basically the short of the long of it is that Pascal and Maximus are the designated ring bearers who end up losing the rings during the ceremony. The remainder of the short are Pascal and Maximus’ adventures throughout the entire kingdom as they attempt to retrieve the loss of the rings before the happy couple ask for the rings.

And just because I am greedy… I hope there is a round two coming up soon… 🙂