Review: At the Movies w/ Carlo Chapelle and Kevin Pollack

Being the “music guru” at blogs like PureDWTS or PureAmericasGotTalent, I have become rather immune to new arrangements and renditions of tried and true music, particularly of the movie / showtunes kind. So when my beau brought me to watch his friend in this cabaret show, I was reserved at best and skeptical at worst. What I wasn’t prepared for was the realization that the artist still exists, you just needed to know where to look.

At the Movies is a cabaret show that is comprised of known (and not so known) songs from the stage and screen and breathes new life into them. Presented in the revamped theatre of Stage 773, the show presents two differing vocal styles and melts them together in such a way that balances more than contrasts.

Don’t ask me what shined about this show, it just did. There were a few arrangements of known songs in this show that I would never have thought in a million years would work. Case in point, the song Old Devil Moon from the musical Finian’s Rainbow, mesh that with let’s say the Mission Impossible theme song. Impossible? (no pun intended) That’s what I originally thought too, but I’m eating my words.

I could go on about the arrangements all night, but in all honesty, the music and arrangements is only half the battle. Kevin’s voice delivers the music with such love and conviction that once you get sucked in there is no going back. Such a deep voice, and one that kept me engaged for most of the night (always a good sign). Let’s just say that if my beau were to ask me to go and see another show with his friend in it, I will jump on the opportunity, because to me he is well worth the price of admission.

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