Reflection: Việt Nam in Pictures (Summary)

Long over due I am just going to post all the albums of Việt Nam that I took over the years…

2008 December / 2009 January
My first trip to Việt Nam lasted approximately four weeks. It started in mid-December of 2008 going thru mid-January of 2009. The first two weeks focused around Sài Gòn (well as much as possible since I was ill for most of it) with a quick trip to Bình Dương to visit Đại Nam Văn Hiến (a massive tourism complex)

Then the second two weeks my parents, my parents’ friends and I went on a group tour through North and Central Việt Nam. This included the following stops:
North Việt Nam: Hà Nội, Vịnh Hạ Long (Ha Long Bay)
Central Việt Nam: Huế, Đà Nẵng, Hội An
South Việt Nam: Nha Trang and Đà Lạt

While at Nha Trang we stayed at the island resort of Vinpearl Land just off the coast.

2010 November
In the first week of November of 2010, I flew to Việt Nam to join my parents (who were already in Việt Nam for two and a half weeks by that time) and stayed primarily around Sài Gòn with a one / two day trip to the Canary Resort in Phan Thiết which is close by Mũi Né which are both in the Bình Thuận Province of southeastern Vietnam.

2012 September
For September of 2012, I returned to Việt Nam once again for a week and a half. Once again we stayed close to Sài Gòn which a quick one day trip south to visit Mỹ Tho in the Tiền Giang province right on the Mekong Delta. We also spent some time traveling through Củ Chi and revisited Bình Dương.

Below is a sample selection of my favorite photos: