Reflection: Việt Nam Wake Up Call

Yesterday I posted up a summary of “Việt Nam in Pictures“, but my sister managed to get the one picture that I was unable to capture myself.

So she decided to post the following on her Facebook Page:

I didn’t think that people actually woke up by a crowing rooster anymore. I obviously was very wrong. 4:30 EVERY morning. Somebody needs to tell them the definition of “vacation.”

Don’t believe her? Here is something that may convince you:

She has managed to take a picture of the roosters… I haven’t even been able to do that!

Mind you, this is the middle of Sài Gòn… which is a city with lots of people and the homes are compressed against one another. There are barely any green let alone yards.

Waking up by the crowing of the rooster became normal for me while in Việt Nam… so as much as I hate to admit it, I miss it… a lot. 😀 Ah well.

Be lucky you darn Westerners / Americans… you have no idea how good you got it here. 😛