Reflection: Việt Nam Food in Pictures (Summary)

My little sister arrived in Việt Nam about a week after I returned to the states and in less than eight hours since her arrival (approximately 10pm Việt Nam time zone which would make it 10am Central US time zone) she has had three full meals, leftovers for a snack and a glass of coffee. Not only that she was going through my Facebook albums of Việt Nam Food that I had posted, asking my mother what each dish was…

I think the irony is that the word on the street is that she wants to have a few chicken dishes made using the neighbor’s rooster as the meat source… I share her sentiments considering the damn rooster starts crowing at 4:00am every morning without fail and every hour on the hour since then… but that’s a different story.

All that aside below are a small sample selection of some of my favorites dishes from Việt Nam over the years. Including those made at “home”… because my family has the best hired cook in Việt Nam. 🙂

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