Snippets: Thor on Dancing with the Stars (Australian Version)

Before I begin… here you go… Thor… DANCING!

Yes, that is Chris Hemsworth dancing the Samba with ballroom dancing professional Abbey Ross during the Australian version of Dancing with the Stars Season 5 which would have been Fall of 2006. According to Wikipedia his progression was as such:
Week 1: Waltz – 18
Week 2: Rumba – 16
Week 3: Tango – 18
Week 4: Paso Doble – 21
Week 5: Samba – 19
Week 6: Foxtrot – 19
Week 7: ChaCha – 22

According to Wikipedia, he appeared to have had the lowest through the entire duration of his time on the show save for two dances (Paso Doble and Samba). If I could find more videos I’ll post them.

Many thanks to my co-blogger Courtney from Pure Dancing with the Stars for reminding me about this gem.