Fleeting: Why “Dancing Through the Universe”?

Why yes… it has been a while and I am well aware of that. So what have I been doing that has been keeping me from writing and blogging?

I’ve been busy. I was on stage or off stage for various shows. Going to see shows in the area… working on my day job, or attempting to blog for Dancing with the Stars.

Eventually balls needed to get dropped because there has been something else that has been keeping my attention:


Or more precisely development. Considering I have a fair number of writing-related projects on back burner and was not able to be a part of any of the summer shows coming up, this has become a rare opportunity to focus on that aspect of my life that I haven’t really touched for years (well more like over a decade and a half but who’s counting really?).

So what does any of this have to deal with the title of this post?

Well I haven’t really expressed this particular thought… and originally I was going to add it to the FAQ, but I figured I’ll this to the post to gather my thoughts before finalizing them into the FAQ.

“Dancing Through the Universe”… well “Dancing” has been a major part of my life since youth. My parents danced alot and so I wanted to learn to dance ballroom via their inspiration and soon found myself enjoying other styles.

So why through the universe? Well like dancing I soon found myself enjoying other aspects of the arts – on and off stage – as well as other subject areas of life in general.

To put it simply… I have endeavored to enjoy any and all realms of life to the fullest and found that there is much that I am interested in than the obvious…

So has there been anything new that you found out that you enjoyed?

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