UPDATE: NaNoWriMo Day 19

So I finally got around to completing a couple more scenes from the series of vignettes stage play that I have been working on being my word total up to 5,019-ish… Well more or less. I am sure I am off by a few words give or take.

From here on out the series will be new material compiled from previous stories… And as thus a kind of “starting from fresh” kind of mentality. Not a bad thing mind you but it may or may not make plowing along easier.

But really…

On the other scripts front I updated via computer the edits I made on one script, and I decided to pause on the other in favor of probably reworking the story as opposed to vomiting on the page as I remember and hope something works.

I also printed out the most up to date copies of my full length script, which also has to undergo massive editing. What kind of editing? Well the storyline is getting so convoluted that I am trying to pare it down some. I blame the soap opera writer in me.

If I could pare down the storylines I could shrink the cast from ten to five, possibly six, which would work well in a workshop setting. Especially since I have a few ideas as to whom I would like to see in various roles in a workshop. I am sure once I hear the lines come out of people’s mouths I would want to heavily rewrite everything again… Ah well c’est la vie.

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