Circumstance: Conclusion

Title: Circumstance
Rating: PG-13
Part: Conclusion
Date develop: 14 March 2002
Date revised: 14 March 2002


Conclusion – Final Farewell

“Goodbye you witch! And may Satan save your wretched soul!!!!”

Rachel looked down at the townspeople that she had long since forgiven, the gruesome sight from the night before was too much to handle. How they were killed so quickly and quietly she could never comprehend, not to mention find out. Now she would be paid a sentence that she was originally given before the hysteria finally came full swing.

Tears silently fell from her dark eyes as she remembered her friends and husbands, hanging from a sturdy tree. All of them were sentenced to hanging. Her husband was there at the end of the branch a hook pierced his tongue as he died being hung by his tongue. The mere sight caused her stomach to quench in pain, oh my friends and my love perhaps it would be better this way.

Rachel looked proudly into the abyss of faces that chant the death of the witch, for a moment she was sure that she saw Susannah’s face in the crowds. Her maroon colored eyes, her serious demeanor, it has to be her, but what is she doing here? It was only then that she noticed the younger child that was with Susannah, my goodness what is Hailey doing here, they have to run disappear before anyone sees them.

Rachel felt the flames burning through her legs, but she willed to push the pain aside as she watched the two remaining people alive of her friends. For mere moments her eyes met those of Susannah’s and a wave of calm washed over her… everything would be alright she thought she heard her say. Things are not as they are suppose to be…

As the flames finally engulfed Rachel’s body she felt the blessed release of her mortal life. For the first time she felt hope for the people that condemned her to her death. Perhaps circumstance would bring her and her friends together once more, not as witches, but perhaps as something more…

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