Circumstance: Epilogue

Title: Circumstance
Rating: PG-13
Part: Epilogue
Date develop: 3 November 2001
Date revised: 14 March 2002


Epilogue – Remembrance

Since that day many of our friends began to disappear. Poor Michael watching his wife burning amongst the flames pulled him over the edge of despair. Soon after her last screams faded away with the embers, he fled the town and was not heard from until just a few days ago. As it turns out he was living close by the shore of the Pacific deep in depression. When he was finally found by some of our friends all they found was his corpse sitting upon a wooden chair staring into the sea. No one could figure out how he died…

Hailey and Susannah fled to their cabin at the edge of the woods, soon after Hailey found out that her father had died by the hands of pneumonia in Boston. They are still alive and doing alright, Hailey refused to talk to any of the other girls in the Salem area because of their antics with witchcraft. Hailey had soon began to develop a grudge against the majority of the children especially Abigail Williams for the death of her surrogate mother’s friends.

Which brings me to Honor and Millicent, their growing attraction to beyond the point of simply friends caused a great uproar in the village. Even though Honor could pass as a man and could fight with the best of them, the fact that she is in fact a woman and in love with another woman was enough to call them as Satan’s children. Just mere weeks after the death of Rose Chayne, the two were captured and sentenced to burn at the stakes without a trial. The sight was saddening because at the last few moments before thier souls were taken from their bodies did the two finally free one of their hands and touched one another ever so slightly. That small gesture proved to me that no matter what happens they would be together.

Thinking about the past few months has been heart breaking to me, but at the same time I never knew that feelings of fear would pierce the heart of this village. Alas, sometimes it is only through fear that we find the weakness of the village.

The cause of this turmoil in our growing smaller circle of friends lies in the wretched hands of Baterich Reeve and her gossip friend Margarete. If it hadn’t been for those two then perhaps… just perhaps things would have been different. Rose needn’t have to sacrifice herself for my sake and perhaps the village would be peaceful once again.

The last of us are around the small fireplace in our new home far from the hysteria of the Salem Witch Trials. In hopes that we could live the rest of our lives in peace and as normal as possible. Who knows, any of the townsfolk could come knocking on this door and call us witches by association. If that is the case… well… I do not wish to think of the circumstances.


Rachel closed her journal and looked at it solemnly, “Perhaps I should put you someplace safer than here.” She whispered. She looked up to her husband, Jeffrey and the two nodded in unison as knowing what to do is best. Leaning towards the fireplace she tossed the small journal into the flames destroying everything that may cause a later uproar.

“I’m going to find the others, it shouldn’t have taken them this long to do the laundry and find firewood.” Rachel smiled as Jeffrey leaned down and placed a lingering kiss upon her soft lips. “I shall return soon.”

Rachel smiled as she watched her husband leave the home. Taking a look around she cleaned up the pots and pans from the friends supper and waited for the others to return. Looking towards the fire she realized that there wasn’t much wood left, I should go outside and see what is wrong.

She reached for her shawl and opened the door outside, and what had met her deep raven colored eyes was more than she could possibly bare to see…

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