Entertainment: Ignorance – England descended from America???

While going through my Facebook feed, this popped up via The Nerd Code.

I went to England and they spoke American??? Why is this?
Also they copied our city names like Boston, (New) York, Birmingham and the state of (New) Hampshire!!! Why do they copy us!!! Also why Do they say david beckham is English when he’s American???

Christopher Columbus, under the commission of King Washington sailed from Boston Harbor seeking a new trade route to Spain when he accidentally discovered the British Isles. He named the place England after the New England states in the USA. People in England are the direct descendants of American sailors and therefore speak American. David Beckham became an American citizen when he married his Posh Spice who is a direct descendant of Pochantas, a native American.

The United States has a rich heritage. Americans have migrated all over the world and populated all of Europe. Europeans are all descendants of the American peoples.

Considering some of the people I have run into in my past… this just doesn’t surprise me anymore…

Though the above is really really tempting to adapt into a short play.