Fleeting: The Viet Khang Movement

Politics, the art of the possible… So says the military in the now revived show of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Evita (starring Ricky Martin, Elena Rogers and Michael Cervaris), but this post isn’t about Evita, or anything remotely Broadway related… but because I had the song stuck in my head and I feel like starting this post on a musical note:

Anyway! So I was at my grandparents for dinner and on the television was a programme talking about what has been happening around the world. Two months ago an artist/musician was arrested by the secret police and there is a movement in Washington DC to force the US hand in releasing the political prisoner. In fact, the movement take it a step further and is calling upon the U.S. government and others to investigate the human rights abuses and oppression in a country that the U.S. had a hand in many years ago.

Like any average person I have opinions, ideas, suggestions… I don’t really align myself to any one political party. I more align myself to be a centrist, seeing multiple sides of a situation and choosing to find a middle ground… well as possible a middle group could be in such a bipartisan government. By extension, I find myself not extremely passionate one way or another on a lot of issues because for me there seems to be a rather obvious center ground that neither side is wanting to see.

Taking that a step further other issues that come to light that is tied to human rights and oppression by various governments to intrigue me, but haven’t really stirred much more than idle curiosity.

This is no such case, this is more than simple “idle curiosity” in fact it is more than that… this is piquing my curiosity to the point where I am wondering what more can I do. But reasoning and logic settles in and I find myself wanting to know more about what is going on…

So don’t be too surprised if I start talking more about this openly… afterall, I owe my life to this smaller piece of U.S. history… and that is no trifle matter.

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