Aftermath: Ken Kaden’s Adaptation of Nick Hornby’s “A Long Way Down”


Seriously… just wow.

Ask any thespian on the planet about shows, movies, etc that they are most proud of and I am sure they have one. Not that they have to… but chances are they do.

For a long while I was most proud about a role in a musical theatre production that people still remember to this day. However, after having been blessed with the chance to run lights for Ken Kaden’s adaptation of Nick Hornby’s “A Long Way Down”, I find it mildly ironic that the role I played in this production wasn’t onstage (not that I would have wanted it… hits too close to home) but rather off. Not only that, but it happens to tie in with my day job.

Figures doesn’t it.

But enough about me. This is Ken’s show, Ken’s production and for his first time in adapting a book in such a way that makes sense for stage and doing it well… Not only that but directing for the first time and putting all this together for the first time, yeah, it is a job not just well done… but WELL DONE.

Despite some technical difficulties (not my fault! 😛 ), and a couple of missed cues (totally my fault)… the show met thunderous applause with a fair number of people giving a standing ovation.

Yes it is easy to say that the majority of the people in the audience supports the Kadens and their loss… but at the same time this isn’t applause for the creator, but for the creation itself.

The year it took from idea to production was a long process but one that Ken was determined to see through. With reasonably high hopes but lowered expectations he was pleasantly surprised when it turned out that the “staged reading” wasn’t really a “reading” but closer to a full fledged “staging”.

With the audience laughing (either at the moment or delayed) or in rapt attention (to the point that you can hear a pin drop) it was amazing to see from the booth just how Ken’s adaptation and Nick’s words just captured the audience.

Granted it was just for the first day (says the cynic in me) so let’s see what happens later…

Really much like Friday except most of the technical difficulties have been cleared away.

The audience truly loved the production and there was a massive standing ovation both days. Truly this was something that touched a lot of people in different ways.

The message that this production brings about it dependent on the viewer / audience member. This could either have special meaning or is just a very moving production all around. They could either learn from it or enjoy it for what it is.

However, for the massive throes of people in the audience, this was something that meant something to them. I know this production meant something to the cast and crew.

I know for me this meant a lot in a lot of a different ways… and for that Ken, I thank you.

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