Recipe: Butterbeer Ice Cream (but really Sorbet)

Since I have yet to go to the Magical Wizarding World of Harry Potter down in Orlando, Florida I have to make do by playing with recipes I get off of Last year I posted a recipe about Butterbeer Cupcakes that turned out to be a bit of a hit from various parties and I decided that whenever I get the chance I’ll make actual Butterbeer.

In comes the Bake-a-Thon and a fellow Harry Potter fan… and voila! Butterbeer ended up on the menu. So from the Recipe page, which one of the many recipes did we end up using? Well… we settled on the Butterbeer by Nicole as the most proper choice:

Now if only I had actually followed the recipe… >.< Guess what I did wrong?

Instead of keeping the heavy cream / powdered sugar mixture separate, I mixed it in with the cream soda. Gah! Also instead of the vanilla butter / nut flavoring we used a dash of pumpkin spice… double gah! Fortunately my friend wanted to make ice cream as opposed to drinking it… so into the ice cream maker the mixture went (thank goodness!) and poof we ended up with a frozen sorbet as opposed to ice cream (gah!).

But that’s ok… it was still a huge hit between the two of us, and the pumpkin spice gave it a special kick that we liked. However, I think next time I am going to look at the recipe again and see if I could use the techniques from the “Ice Cream Happy Hour” book I got late last year. I think if I approached it in that fashion I would have a far different result… as in more of an ice cream and less of a sorbet!

However, all things considered… this was a hit (taste-wise) after all… I brought half the batch home with me to munch on over time. 🙂

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