Fleeting: The Lizzie Bennet Diaries (Supposition)

DISCLAIMER: I am not in any way affiliated with The Lizzie Bennet Diaries… I am just a fan that recently came across the YouTube online series and fell in love with the storytelling… who is providing her own supposition on what could happen down the road.

From yesterday’s post I did fall down a hell of a rabbit hole… but there was something that was nagging at me.

When looking at the various YouTube accounts for The Lizzie Bennet Diaries… during the time that Lydia was separated from Jane and Lizzie she created the YouTube Account: The Lydia Bennet. So when Jane and Lizzie are off on their real world adventures, Lydia kept up her own account which have now been featuring… you guessed it: George Wickham…

Interesting how something that would appear to be so small before would mean so much now…

Well while scouring the internet I came across this little gem: The Gigi Darcy YouTube Channel.

Yup apparently the little sister of William Darcy has her own YouTube Channel… granted there haven’t been any videos uploaded at the moment… but if you have caught up with The Lizzie Bennet Diaries AND know Pride and Prejudice like that back of your hand like I do (well almost do)… then you should know where exactly in the story this is all coming about.

If you are unfamiliar with the Pride and Prejudice story and do not wish to **potentially** be spoiled do not read any further and just move on your merry way through the internet.

If you ARE FAMILIAR but are still confused and do not wish to **potentially** be spoiled then again… do not read any further and just move on your merry way through the internet.

If you are familiar with Pride and Prejudice and you enjoy the story like myself so much that you can’t help but put clues together and living with the characters then you probably should have figured out by now like I have that…

When Lizzie Bennet realizes what is going on with her sister it would be revealed to either Darcy himself (per story) or Gigi (more likelye) who would tell Darcy and Gigi would go into her own off shoot YouTube Channel to describe the events of what is going on and what is happening when Darcy goes to hunt down Wickham and Lydia and hopefully “save” Lydia…

Now I know what you’re thinking… in Pride and Prejudice, Darcy **theoretically** blackmails Wickham into marrying Lydia and purchases his commission to move to the north country so Wickham could theoretically behave himself. So how could this be applied to this online adaptation?

Well if you have been following The Lydia Bennet YouTube Channel, then you might have surmised like I have that George Wickham is following a particular pattern of abuse in keeping Lydia separate from all her friends and family before (as abuse cycles go) he really goes all out.

My supposition at this point is that Darcy has some sort of evidence that could potentially put Wickham behind bars and (because of his love of Lizzie) has every intention of hunting the couple down and make sure that Wickham gets jailed so that Lydia doesn’t suffer any more than she already has.

In the mean time he would keep in touch with Georgiana (Gigi) who would reveal some details of Darcy’s escapades in his pursuit and hopeful capture of Wickham… since Lizzie may or may not be aware of what Darcy is doing… therefore giving the audience an inside glance of Darcy’s side of the story via the eyes of Georgiana just like how we got a side story of what was going on with Charlotte when she went to her new job and what precipitated her calling Lizzie for a reconciliation.

And if you don’t know what I was talking about there… just take a looking at Maria Lu’s YouTube Channel: Maria of the Lu.

Now I could be just going off the deep end… which wouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, but being about to predict plot points, etc is what I do… and it is rather ingenious for the creators of the YouTube series to actually take the time to expand the universe of Pride and Prejudice that not only makes sense but also provides a little more insight of their interpretation of events outside of Lizzie’s vision.

I for one will be looking forward to seeing what could unfold down the road… and will await as each three to six minute YouTube clip is posted on Monday and Thursday by Lizzie and (hopefully) Tuesday and Friday by Lydia… though I have a sneaky suspicion that if / when Wickham and Lydia go on the run, Wickham may not allow Lydia to post videos on her YouTube Channel… that would be just too easy, don’t you think?

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