Review: How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Produced by:
Location: Cadillac Palace Theatre

So first we have the famed Dr Seuss book which inspired a film adaptation with Jim Carrey and now there is a stage musical production? Riiiiiight…

I was cautiously curious about this stage production but my date for the evening wanted to see it (of the choices presented to him) so I figured, “how bad could it be?”. As it would turn out, I had more fun in this quick 90 minute production than I had originally anticipated… go figure.

Considering I saw this back in mid-December, there is much that is bound to be forgotten, but I will try to recall as much as possible:
Acting: like
Singing: like
Choreography: like
Set Design: love
Figures doesn’t it?

The production had more comedic bits than I thought possible that I couldn’t help but laugh. There were a few added songs that I couldn’t help but find myself tapping along with… and some of the choreography was fun and catchy without being overwhelming or distracting.

The Grinch was fun and amusing and had a few really catchy and fun numbers to watch. But the one that really stole the show for me was the Grinch’s dog with his desire and love for Christmas and desire to help the Grinch love and enjoy Christmas too. He just jumped and danced and wiggled his way all around the stage until the Grinch gives him one of those looks and he stops frozen on the spot.

The children of Whoville were convincing and fun and all looked like they were having a grand ole time on stage. They stayed in character and I found myself wanting to know more about the Whovians as opposed to the Grinch at times.

One of the more complicated numbers occurs when the Whovians are shopping around trying to clear out their last of the Christmas lists and the Grinch comes in and starts taking bits and pieces off the stalls and toys off the racks.

Towards the end however, a lot of the kids were really getting into the production and when the Grinch attempts to say “Merry Christmas” you can hear all the kids in the audiences piping in trying to help the Grinch along. In fact it took a good five minutes (might be longer) before the Grinch was able to move one. But I think that was the joy of this particular production, the Grinch made a point of playing to the audience and breaking down the fourth wall so the kids could get involved. Perhaps that is why the children in the audience towards the end felt that they should get more involved.

All in all this was a nice little ditty and one that I thoroughly enjoyed. This is definitely something I would recommend the whole family to come out and see and they are sure to enjoy. This is something I wouldn’t mind seeing a community theatre group attempt to tackle (if rights were available) but considering the costuming… yeeeaaah, we’ll see. 🙂

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