Entertainment: The Last Five Years as a Film

This isn’t entirely old news… but with a film version of Jason Robert Brown’s The Last Five Years floating around there is speculation as to who could star in the adaptation of the stage version that originally starred Norbert Leo Butz and Sherie Rene Scott.

Other than being one less word in her professional name (kidding!) Anna Kendrick has apparently been tapped to play Cathy.

Now she has had some experience in musical theatre in her youth and has proven to be a rising star in Hollywood as well, but I think the one thing that she is known for is her time on David Letterman when she showed off her singing and hand-eye coordination skills that were featured in Pitch Perfect.

And here is the original video, by Lulu and the Lampshades, that Anna came across while bored at home one day:

According to her interview, she spent an entire day learning how to do the cups routine and sang along with it… so when the director / producers found out that she could do it, it became part of the movie Pitch Perfect (audio only from the soundtrack):

And naturally… when scurrying the web for more information about the film Pitch Perfect… I came across this clip:

Take it a step further and she was a part of the reading for a film version of Into the Woods where she read for the part of Cinderella.

Can she sing? It would appear so… I think her vocal range would sit that of Cathy in The Last Five Years… but I am a little bit weary when looking at the part of Cinderella. Then again both movies are in development so who knows?