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Kitchemprovise: Alcoholic Butterbeer Ice Cream (Round One)

13346336_10102440433962899_3116114454674751185_oAll shall be revealed in time…

1 cup heavy cream
1/2 cup buttermilk
1/2 cup butterscotch schnapps
1/3 cup sugar (or honey powder)
1/2 butterscotch (I use whichever butterscotch recipe I have recently made)
dash of salt

Mix all of the above well… Pour into an ice cream machine and let it churn! The consistency is a bit more liquidy than normal. Wait approximately a half hour to and hour (depending on how churned you want your ice cream to be). Pour into an airtight container and store in a freezer overnight. Ready to eat!

Recipe: Double Chocolate Chip Raspberry Merlot Ice Cream

Yes, a mouthful and a mouthful of yum if my friends are to be believed… so how did I come up with this concoction?


3 cups heavy cream
1 cup of your favorite merlot
1 cup of sugar (or honey powder)
1 cup of fresh raspberries
1/2 bag of chocolate chips (I used semi-sweet)

Fairly simple ingredients… and the instructions not that difficult either:
1. Soak the raspberries in the merlot overnight in the fridge
2. puree the merlot / raspberries
3. strain the puree mix to remove the seeds
4. add heavy cream and sugar and mix
5. pour the mix into the ice cream churner / machine for a half hour or until preferred consistency
6. when ice cream is churned then either pack into container and place in freezer or start eating!
7. enjoy!

Recipe: Butterscotch Schnapps Ice Cream

Earlier in the summer, I decided to clear out my alcohol stores… since I was already running low on the Butterscotch Schnapps, I figured it was time to clear that out. Which I did, and the below recipe was just a quick idea I put together and it turns out that people enjoyed it…

So here you go!

Butterscotch Schnapps Ice Cream
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Recipe: Various Rum-Soaked Berry Ice Creams

Drooling yet?

Anyway before I go on the method used for these types of ice creams has stayed relatively the same:
1) let fruit soak in alcohol for at least an hour or more
2) puree fruit in food processor
3) strain the puree mix through a strainer and into a pot
4) cook the strained puree mix over medium heat until puree mix turns into a jam-like consistency
5) pour the jam-like mix into a container and refrigerate until ready to be mixed with an ice cream base

So what do I use for an ice cream base? Well… something relatively simply like…
– 1 and 1/2 cups of milk
– 1/2 cup honey powder
– 2 to 3 cups of heavy cream

Essentially any vanilla ice cream base just without the vanilla extract.

So how did I get started?

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Recipe: Disney Inspired Alcoholic Ice Cream

Yup. You read that right… ice cream flavors inspired by anything and everything Disney. Not just any ice cream mind you but alcoholic ice cream.

**evil cackle**

Drooling yet? Well my friends were, especially after the most recent Oscar Party, I decided to task myself with a dessert inspired by the latest Disney animated film: Frozen. And boy did it ever deliver.

But before I move on, I will admit that a lot of my inspiration is derived from the Facebook Page: Cocktails by Cody. Most (if not all) of the recipes below and any future ones are most than likely derived from one of his concoctions only made as an ice cream flavor.

Got that? Good. Let’s start with the first one that started it all:

– Coconut Ice Cream base
– White Chocolate Liqueur
– Peppermint (Schnapps or Extract, I used extract this time around)
– Coconut Flakes (Optional)

Why am I not putting in measurements? Because I’m lazy first off… and secondly because I rarely do, I just kind of add in what I think looked about right and hope for the best. 🙂 However, I will say that adding just enough peppermint to the mix would give that “freshness” that fallen snow would give. And as thus, a perfect addition. One thing I will say is that for the Coconut Ice Cream base, I used Cream of Coconut in addition to your usual heavy cream + whole milk. What I find happens is that by using Cream of Coconut as opposed to Coconut Milk, it provides a far better balance for the White Chocolate Liqueur and turning the ice cream mix into an ice cream consistency as opposed to harder / cheesier(?) consistency. Portions do change though.

So what’s next?

– Crushed Oreo Cookies
– Cheesecake Ice Cream base
– Caramel drizzle

Actually this is similar to a dessert dish I created sometime in 2013 inspired by the telephone invention and as thus… not much thought went into this one when adapting it. However, one could never go wrong with Oreos and Cheesecake… so why not? And cheese = mice… so yeeeeaaaah.

I have made other ice creams, but nothing else Disney inspired… yet. Eventually I will though, I already have breakdowns written out and ideas floating around, but I probably need to expand my library of drinks first before going further… but that might take a while considering I don’t drink to begin with.

Ah well.

Recipe: Vanilla Ice Cream with White Wine

Earlier I posted a bit of my first impressions of a book called: Ice Cream Happy Hour 50 Boozy Treats You Spike, Freeze and Serve, it is through this recipe book that I decided to try my hand at using the alcohol at my place to make ice cream.

The first recipe in the book seemed fairly simple enough: “Vanilla with Brandy”, except I didn’t have brandy at my place. So I did what I always did best, I adapted, changed, and worked with what I had on hand.

First thing’s first… here is the original recipe:

So what did I change?
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Review: Ice Cream Happy Hour

Earlier this month I was talking to a friend of mine about my desire to make ice cream and she offered to loan me her ice cream machine indefinitely since she and her husband were not using it… ever. So naturally I decided “why not?” and borrowed the ice cream machine.

To test out the machine I tried a batch of a simple vanilla ice cream with chunks of chocolate and candy canes mixed in and had great success. So I decided that since I had so much alcohol at my place I needed to find ways to “get rid of” them without having to resort to either drinking, throwing a party, or giving them away. What was I left with was the idea of using them to cook with.

The idea came out like a bolt out of the blue… why not make boozy ice cream? It can’t be all that difficult and I am sure others have tried to figure out ways to make it work. So after some research online a young adult duo of Valerie Lum and Jenise Addison eventually authored a small recipe book called “Ice Cream Happy Hour: 50 Boozy Treats You Spike, Freeze and Serve”. BINGO!

I stumbled upon this duo via a post / article about them on Gizmodo which also featured a movie that gives a quick idea of what they did to create their boozy concoctions and also immediately I was sold. So I bought the book via Amazon.com and waited patiently for the book to arrive to create to give a recipe a try.

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