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Fleeting: Do Disney Villains Kill?

Don’t ask me where this question came from, I suppose it was one of those lingering thoughts that stemmed from a photo:
Comic-Con Disney Villains

Which then inspired a Facebook conversation where someone mentioned that the the hunter in front was the most evil because he was the one that killed Bambi’s mother…

Then a few years later a separate conversation between friends as to which villains have actually killed… which then inspired this post.

So that begs the question…

Which of Disney Villains Kill?
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Endeavor: Costume Accessories Hunt

Yes… I know I have been MIA.

And yes… I know… I was putting together costumes where their pictures have yet to surface on the internet.

Well fear not… for it is that life (as in the real one) got busy. But isn’t that always the case?

**le sigh**

Anyway, the latest idea / obsession / hobby of mine is cosplaying, except I take it to the extreme. As mentioned in a few previous posts:
A Renaissance Appropriate Costume
Costume Inspirations
Corseted Inspired Costumes
Disney Bounding

I have been putting together various costumes over the past year and a limited number of pictures to show for it. Well with a photographers lined up it is the matter of getting some well crafted accessories to complete the costume.

Blame the thespian in me… without a few accessories here and there, the costume just don’t feel complete to me.

So what am I talking about? Well…
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Conventions: Fabletown and Beyond

What is the worst word to apply to this convention…

Regret… And lots of it…

– I regret not arriving until 1am on Saturday morning…
– I regret having to leave by 5pm on Sunday evening…
– I regret letting something so awesome slip my mind so carelessly…
– I regret not being able to stay up beyond my 4am self-imposed bedtime on Sunday morning…

Lots of regrets because the weekend of the Fabletown and Beyond Convention was…


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Upcoming Reviews and Why Am I Behind in Posting…

Why yes… I have been quite busy… busy doing a lot of things, seeing shows, going to conventions, listening to audiobooks… here is what is upcoming as soon as I find time to sit down and write them out:
– Christopher Moore’s A Dirty Job
– The Blind Side and other related audiobooks to Michael Oher’s life
– Veronica Roth’s Divergent
– Kill Shakespeare Graphic Novel Vols 1 & 2

– Kill Shakespeare: the staged graphic novel
– Priscilla Queen of the Desert: Chicago Tour Stop
– Catch Me if You Can: Chicago Tour Stop
– Big Fish: Pre-Broadway Engagement
– American Idiot: Chicago Tour Stop
– Anything Goes: Chicago Tour Stop
– Village Theatre Guild’s A Hatful of Rain
– Denver Performance Center’s Sense and Sensibility (Musical)

– Fabletown and Beyond Convention in Rochester, Minnesota
– Disneyland / Disney’s California Adventure (from February)

Yeeeeeaaaaaah, I am a wee busy. Not to mention that I am also in another theatre production (on and off stage work) and have other blogging duties to catch up on….

At least you all will know why I’m a wee slow at the moment. 😉 Hopefully I’ll start picking at that mountain before it becomes too high.


Conventions: Fabletown and Beyond – Killing Shakespeare Panel

Why is this particular panel getting its own post? Simple, because it was funny, crazy and entertaining… and I have a bad habit of heckling to the point that it is borderline flirting.


Story of my life.

So what happened? Well I am not sure… first there was some back and forth with a few people in the audience (myself included since I don’t really know when to keep my mouth shut sometimes). Then the creators asked if someone would be interested in joining them on the panel to which someone (Ryan Sainio) jumped up and joined them on the panel.

It came out that he has only read the first volume, and that he had already interacted with them the night before so he had trouble with coming up with a few questions…

Along the way it all came out that there is some obscure law in the Canadian Constitution that it is illegal to kill Will Shatner…


And that plus a bunch of other things caused this to be one of the best panel discussions EVER!

Then the heckling continued.


Oh did I mention that Conor McCreery did the voice of Bane from Batman? And did an excerpt from the Bane Rap? Don’t know what the Bane Rap is? Let me rectify that for you:

Oh and I learned a new word: Thon

A few things that I was interested in:
– stage adaptation of Kill Shakespeare
– expansion of the universe to include (more) characters from some of Shakespeare’s comedies

However, I am not going to provide the questions and answers because I didn’t keep any notes… I know silly me… instead just head on over to Ryan Sainio’s podcast and get his thoughts on that part of the panel discussion…
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Review: Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Celebration

In early December of 2012, I was fortunate to have a show that I was originally in rehearsals for… to be postponed until spring of 2013. Why fortunate? Because it gave me a chance to see a concert celebration for the music from Final Fantasy… and I have yet to miss a concert since the tour began five years ago and have come through Chicago how many times since then?

The Final Fantasy Concert holds a special place in my heart… it is where I met one of the first people that I knew from the online world and were friends with (well before the internet became littered with predators and crazies). So naturally it became a habit for me to want to see the concert every time it comes through Chicago… there is a bit of nostalgia that comes into play.

This year was no different and yet meant the world… for this time around it was the Distant Worlds Official Final Fantasy 25th Birthday Celebration. Since Chicago is known to be the kick off city for the first North American Tour of the Final Fantasy Concert series it made sense to have the Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Celebration to be in Chicago.

Now I would typically write my own review of the concert… but I am lazy and there are already people online that have put their own two cents of the concert. So I will just link to one such blog post by another concert go-er

Just click on the break to see the set list that was featured at the 25th Celebration concert… and some of my quick impressions.

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Endeavors: Corseted Inspired Costumes

So I have been on a kind of corset kick lately… to the point that I have been putting together costume ideas for the next time I go to a convention or maybe even Halloween (shocker!). So why am I on this corset related kick?

Well to start, when I realized that my measurements were fairly proportional to one another (bustline and hips are within an inch of one another and my waist being around four to five inches smaller) the idea that a corset could squeeze that into an almost perfect hourglass shape (nine to ten inch difference between bust/hips to waist), it really emphasized the natural curves that most women seem to lack nowadays.

So now that I know the strength of my figure, the idea of putting together costumes that I know I could pull off well started to seep into my mind… below are just a few ideas…


LuluposterOne of the costume ideas I have been staring at for years was the amazing costume from Final Fantasy X of Lulu. Now there are a lot of well done costumes out there already, but I am a little obsessed with the idea of having a corset as the primary piece and everything else would be rather simple to piece together from everything else.

In fact when Pendragon Costumes recently posted a picture of a new piece – via their Facebook Page – I knew I found my staple not just for Lulu but for a Steampunk costume should I desire it.

The irony of finding my base has led me to find other pieces online that I could use for my costume… most notably all the jewelry / hair pieces, the doll that Lulu uses… and even a YouTube video of someone showing how to use one’s hair to mimic that of Lulu’s without having to get a wig. Which for someone like me with long thick black hair… I prefer using it as much as possible.

I still have a few pieces to put together, namely the belted underskirt, the sleeves and the top fur trim, but I think for the most part I can get those done on my own as soon as the dress comes in. 🙂

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