Fleeting: Do Disney Villains Kill?

Don’t ask me where this question came from, I suppose it was one of those lingering thoughts that stemmed from a photo:
Comic-Con Disney Villains

Which then inspired a Facebook conversation where someone mentioned that the the hunter in front was the most evil because he was the one that killed Bambi’s mother…

Then a few years later a separate conversation between friends as to which villains have actually killed… which then inspired this post.

So that begs the question…

Which of Disney Villains Kill?

To start, going through the Disney Animated Classics from the early years to the present, the Villains that have killed on screen and we as the audience have seen it are:

Bambi: The Hunter – Killed Bambi’s Mother (off screen)
The Lion King: Scar – Killed Mufasa
Atlantis: The Lost Empire: Commander Lyle Tiberius Rourke – Mortally Wounds Kashekim Nedakh, the King of Atlantis

As for the “Honourable Mentioned” we have young Thomas killing Kocoum in Pocahontas, but since he wasn’t really the villain in the film he gets a pass.

Not really a great track record for the Disney Villains… but that is all we see during the course of the film. But based on what we know of the villains themselves perhaps others have killed in the past.

But whom?

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves: THE EVIL QUEEN
In the film The Evil Queen inquires to the mirror:

Magic Mirror on the wall
Who is the fairest of them all?

And when the mirror answers “Snow White” what does The Evil Queen do? She summons the Huntsman to take Snow White to the middle of the forest and kill her.

Which then begs the question, before Snow White came of age to be fairer than her step-mother, how many others did the mirror put forth that were fairer than the Evil Queen who then had disposed of? A handful? Hundreds? Thousands? We may never know.

One Hundred One Dalmations: CRUELLA DE VIL
Ok, this is a bit of a stretch considering that it seems like she did not do the dirty work herself, but that does not mean there is no blood on her hands.

After all she does love those fur coats… and considering the methods that she would go through to avoid detection via her underlings. Just how many puppies (or any animals really) died for the sake of her fur coats?

The Jungle Book: SHERE KHAN
He’s a tiger, it kind of comes with the territory. No other comments needed.

Alice in Wonderland: QUEEN OF HEARTS
Considering her favorite marching order is “Off with their heads!!!” You can’t help but wonder just how many heads have been chopped off. The live action of Alice in Wonderland gives an idea from the moat that encircles the Queen of Hearts castle… Just saying.

The Rescuers Down Under: PERCIVAL C MCLEACH (the Poacher)
We already know that he killed the golden eagle’s mate before the events of the film and he would stop at nothing to capture and kill the golden eagle (named Marahute) and her eggs…

Mulan: SHAN YU
Anybody remember the scenes of the burning village and Captain Li Shang’s father’s army that was ordered to protect that village? Yeeeeeeaaaaah.

Technically he did not kill Hiro’s brother Tadashi Hamada directly, he simply took advantage of a situation that lead to Tadashi’s ultimate demise… but that is still pretty darn evil when you look at it.

Anyway… Not a crazy track record for Disney Villains overall… and considering these films are geared towards children perhaps it is best that the whole villains killing heroes stays fairly tame… Kind of. Sort of. Maybe.

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