Recipe: Disney Inspired Alcoholic Ice Cream

Yup. You read that right… ice cream flavors inspired by anything and everything Disney. Not just any ice cream mind you but alcoholic ice cream.

**evil cackle**

Drooling yet? Well my friends were, especially after the most recent Oscar Party, I decided to task myself with a dessert inspired by the latest Disney animated film: Frozen. And boy did it ever deliver.

But before I move on, I will admit that a lot of my inspiration is derived from the Facebook Page: Cocktails by Cody. Most (if not all) of the recipes below and any future ones are most than likely derived from one of his concoctions only made as an ice cream flavor.

Got that? Good. Let’s start with the first one that started it all:

– Coconut Ice Cream base
– White Chocolate Liqueur
– Peppermint (Schnapps or Extract, I used extract this time around)
– Coconut Flakes (Optional)

Why am I not putting in measurements? Because I’m lazy first off… and secondly because I rarely do, I just kind of add in what I think looked about right and hope for the best. 🙂 However, I will say that adding just enough peppermint to the mix would give that “freshness” that fallen snow would give. And as thus, a perfect addition. One thing I will say is that for the Coconut Ice Cream base, I used Cream of Coconut in addition to your usual heavy cream + whole milk. What I find happens is that by using Cream of Coconut as opposed to Coconut Milk, it provides a far better balance for the White Chocolate Liqueur and turning the ice cream mix into an ice cream consistency as opposed to harder / cheesier(?) consistency. Portions do change though.

So what’s next?

– Crushed Oreo Cookies
– Cheesecake Ice Cream base
– Caramel drizzle

Actually this is similar to a dessert dish I created sometime in 2013 inspired by the telephone invention and as thus… not much thought went into this one when adapting it. However, one could never go wrong with Oreos and Cheesecake… so why not? And cheese = mice… so yeeeeaaaah.

I have made other ice creams, but nothing else Disney inspired… yet. Eventually I will though, I already have breakdowns written out and ideas floating around, but I probably need to expand my library of drinks first before going further… but that might take a while considering I don’t drink to begin with.

Ah well.

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