Recipe: Breaded Parmesan… Whatever

FINALLY! After who knows how long (probably wasn’t all that long it just felt like it) I finally got around to getting rid of the breading that I made ages ago for a get together with friends. The breading itself was comprised of:
– grounded pretzel sticks
– parmesan
– various seasonings

I could go through the seasonings used, but even I don’t remember even if I look through my cabinets because I have A LOT of seasonings in there.

Anyhoo the last of the mix was used on slices of zucchini, which I have grown a fondness of since college. After that I just have been finding various ways to cook those green mini bats to much success. But now that the breading is gone I can get around to really testing the cooking limits with the veggie greenness. I already baked, deep fried, sauted the vegetable. So what else could there be? I suppose time will tell.

So what else did I use this seasoning for? The obvious answer would be tilapia!

My workplace cafeteria always came out with breaded parmesan tilapia, and I always seem to get it. After always I just told myself that I am probably better off attempting to make the dish myself versus buying it all the time, which I did. And after making the dish several times over I drifted into just simply seasoned tilapia.

And what I enjoy about seasoned tilapia is that because of my vast variety of seasonings, no two seasoning mixes will be alike. W00t! Though I think I’ll stick to baking the tilapia as opposed to frying / etc.

I have used the breading on mushrooms… because I like mushrooms… a lot. A vast change from my youth where I hated the taste / texture of them (goes to show just how much I didn’t know back then). My problem though is that as soon as this comes out of the oven I start munching on them and when I am done half of the batch of mushrooms (or zucchini for that matter) is already gone. **le sigh**

Ah well.

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