Fleeting: Getting a Netflix Account

I blame my beau… affectionately of course, because he actually introduced me to some fun shows and those that I really want to know more about…

But I was doing quite well in grossly limiting my television viewing by a significant amount. Now I have been introduced to a fair number of shows that appears to only be available on Netflix…

So what shows finally got me to jump on the bandwagon?

– Downton Abbey
– Burn Notice
– Mythbusters (though theoretically I’ve been satiated via YouTube)

Granted I did sign up for a “free monthly trial” but never followed through because I was never home long enough… but that might change for the upcoming year. So we shall see…

However I hate the idea of just sitting around to watch television, so maybe this won’t be a smart move after all… except Downton Abbey’s new season is suppose to start in the new year, so that is all of four / five months to catch up and even though I’ve read the synopsis thus far, it is nothing in comparison to actually watching it.

**le sigh**

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