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Fleeting: Getting a Netflix Account

I blame my beau… affectionately of course, because he actually introduced me to some fun shows and those that I really want to know more about…

But I was doing quite well in grossly limiting my television viewing by a significant amount. Now I have been introduced to a fair number of shows that appears to only be available on Netflix…

So what shows finally got me to jump on the bandwagon?
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Review: BrightSide Theatre’s Moonlight and Magnolias

Last weekend I had the pleasure of accompanying a friend of mine to see her husband portray Victor Fleming in BrightSide Theatre’s production of Moonlight and Magnolias.

Originally I wasn’t going to write a review for this particular production because I was under the belief that this coming weekend was closing weekend. However, in finding out that mid-Sept was set as the closing weekend… well why not?

So let’s go with the quick:
Acting: LOVE
Directing: LOVE
Set Design: LOVE
Overall: LOVE

Do you really need anymore? Oh very well.
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Fleeting: The Difference Between E, E and N

Once upon a time (meaning back in college) a few friends of mine and I were talking about the different mentality of the various “social” classes in America… not in the sense of financial (nor the current times) but how people were brought up over the generations that became prevalent.

Oddly enough it appeared to be fairly simple as to the priorities of each classes in past generations:
– Lower Class: Entertainment
– Middle Class: Education
– Upper Class: Networking

Nowadays the above “priorities” are blurred between classes, but in a lot of ways they still do define what makes someone successful in life over the year and who is bound to struggle.

What do I mean?

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