Fleeting: Going off the Radar

Not because I don’t want to continue blogging… but because there is a shift happening. In particular So You Think You Can Dance and America’s Got Talent are both going on and guess who gets to write those?

Yep… me.

But also I have been going back to my writing projects and have been working on a few projects here and there. So the shift of my blogging would probably end up focusing on whatever writing project I am working on…

So what would I reveal?

Well whenever I grow closer and closer to a final project I may end up posting scenes from earlier revisions. For some stories that are derived from my fanfiction… when turning them into original stories I may go and post the original fanfiction.

Though keep in mind that for projects that have spanned across decades writing styles change.

Or when in the middle of another project I might write other points of view for my own purposes which may not be as accurate as I would like but gives enough information for me to know what is going on in some of these more complicated storylines.

The future is open… and until then… my blogging is going to be pretty sparse…

So in advance, I apologize.

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