Conventions: Fabletown and Beyond – Killing Shakespeare Panel

Why is this particular panel getting its own post? Simple, because it was funny, crazy and entertaining… and I have a bad habit of heckling to the point that it is borderline flirting.


Story of my life.

So what happened? Well I am not sure… first there was some back and forth with a few people in the audience (myself included since I don’t really know when to keep my mouth shut sometimes). Then the creators asked if someone would be interested in joining them on the panel to which someone (Ryan Sainio) jumped up and joined them on the panel.

It came out that he has only read the first volume, and that he had already interacted with them the night before so he had trouble with coming up with a few questions…

Along the way it all came out that there is some obscure law in the Canadian Constitution that it is illegal to kill Will Shatner…


And that plus a bunch of other things caused this to be one of the best panel discussions EVER!

Then the heckling continued.


Oh did I mention that Conor McCreery did the voice of Bane from Batman? And did an excerpt from the Bane Rap? Don’t know what the Bane Rap is? Let me rectify that for you:

Oh and I learned a new word: Thon

A few things that I was interested in:
– stage adaptation of Kill Shakespeare
– expansion of the universe to include (more) characters from some of Shakespeare’s comedies

However, I am not going to provide the questions and answers because I didn’t keep any notes… I know silly me… instead just head on over to Ryan Sainio’s podcast and get his thoughts on that part of the panel discussion…

What I will talk about is what happened at the end where Anthony Del Col apparently found himself in a push-up face-off with one of the staff members of the convention while his partner in crime (Conor McCreery) counted up in the voice of Bane…

Ah the joys of comic conventions.

Being a lover of Shakespeare this was a series I was introduced to by a friend back in the summer of 2011. I read a few pages while backstage one day in between scenes and loved it that I bought the volumes right away. Yeeeeaaaaah, I am a wee obsessed.

So when news of a third volume was in the works… I was on air, so yes I am content and being part of the audience of this strange, weird, whirlwind of a panel was probably the most fun I had in a long time.

Even the writers of Kill Shakespeare agree with me! Look at them dancing away:

But don’t tell Bill Willingham I said that… else I might get kicked out of the Bullfinch Irregulars… but that’s a different post for a different day.

So now what? Well once I realize there was a stage radio play adaptation of Kill Shakespeare in Chicago, I booked my ticket to see the closing night performance… so you can expect my thoughts of the radio play in the near future.

Beyond that, I will probably just satisfy myself with the trades, and the obvious joy of being in Minnesota… because I am cray cray like that.

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