Reflection: Six Months Later…

Six months…

Six months ago from today I had flown back into the U.S. from what was probably one of the more emotionally draining trips of my life only to see in my “little black [calendar] book” that I had a very busy schedule ahead of me.

So what happened in the six months?

Well at first I was going to list everything major that went on… but then decided that a fair number of what has been going on is a private matter and what I have been doing that was “theatre-related” is more than enough to give a glimpse of how busy my life has been. But then I also thought of all the reasoning about other days or nights of the week that I had free time and decided that a basic breakdown would be a good starting point:

For a quick glimmer of what I mean:
– Weekdays: Day Job (really is that a surprise?)
– Weeknights: Rehearsals, or working late at the Day Job
– Weekends: Family

Now in between all the major things above there are also a series of personal projects and I have been working on, but there is no need to go through those either. So what theatre-related stuff was I working on?


Mid-Sept thru End-Sept: rehearsals / show for “A Piece of My Heart” with Hale Park in Chicago
Late-Oct thru Early-Dec: Rehearsals for series of One Acts in St Charles [cancelled]
Mid-Nov thru Late-Dec: Helped with set crew for “Sound of Music” with Wheaton Drama
Mid-Dec thru mid-Feb: rehearsals / show for “Blithe Spirit” with Munroe Park Theatre Guild
Late-Feb thru Early-March: tech / show for “A Long Way Down” adaptation in Naperville

Now add in all the family related stuff, and the shows I also saw and wrote about… and the holidays… and yeeeaaaaah. Needless to say that a few weeks in March has been the first in six months where I have actually had any kind of a break and who knows when that is going to last.

Then again, I like being busy… as in crazy busy…. because as someone once told me:

If you want to get something done, just ask a busy person

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