Endeavors: Stage Musical “Wish List” (Part Two)

Sometime last year I posted a list of musicals that I would be more than happy to be a part of no matter the role. After a year of going through shows and productions and doing more researching and listening and watching I decided to expand on that list.

So what other shows are there that my desire to audition is driven by a particular vocal piece that I want to be a part of? Well considering that “What Was a Woman To Do?” from Dirty Rotten Scoundrels was on the list… here are a couple more:
Jekyll & Hyde – “Girls of the Night”

Ever since the latest concept soundtrack of Jekyll and Hyde came out I found myself singing along to this piece over and over and over again… there is just something that resonates with me that I can’t help but want to be a part of this number, can you blame me?

9 to 5 – “9 to 5”

With such an upbeat opening number about why one has to work a “9 to 5” job… story of my life… well anyone’s life that involves a “9 to 5” job that is. 😀

Zanna Don’t

And because I love me a little off-kilter musicals… this is a little ditty I absolutely love. 😀 Yes… I know… I’m weird… so sue me.

I know short list…

And now for that quick addendum of other shows that I would love to be a part of no matter the role:
West Side Story

What self-respecting (ex-)dancer wouldn’t want to have this cred on their resume? You get cast and if you have a decent dance background this is the show to show them off in… there is a little bit of everything if done right. Mambo, contemporary, jazz… etc… what’s not to love?


Don’t ask me why, but that opening sequence totally did it for me and there are plenty of songs that I couldn’t help but sing along with, so again this will be a show I would love to be a part of but I doubt I would get the chance anytime soon.

In the Heights

Again a nice dance heavy musical that I would love to be a part of, despite the fact that I am so not a fan of hip hop dance… well ok it isn’t that I am not a fan, it’s just that I am not very good at it. Ah well. But nevertheless I really love the feel and style of this particular show.

I Love You Because

This is another off-Broadway musical that I fell in love with early on. A kind of inverse musical adaptation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice… and if you know me… I love me some Jane Austen.

An interesting collage of musicals… go figure. And now I have fallen down another rabbit hole of musical theatre… whee!!!

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