Recipe: Guacamole (yes… really!)

So in a concerted effort to eat healthier (not that I haven’t already been doing that with all the homecook meals I am always eating, and choosing to stay with fresh foods over processed whenever possible)… I’m going to continuously rotate fresh fruits and vegetables in my diet.. or create “fresher” dishes to mix in with some of my ready made ones.


Yes… I know… I copped out. So sue me…

Then again… don’t sue me, because I have no money for you guys to squeeze out of me.

I kid I kid!… Anyway.

A nice simple recipe that I am sure you all already know all about:

– 8 avocados
– 4 limes
– 1 bunch of cilantro
– 2 small onions

1: Squeeze all the juice from the lime and toss into food processor

2: Scoop the avocado from shell and remove pits… toss into food processor

3: Peel onion and chop into eighths and toss into food processor

4: Remove the majority of stalks and rinse cilantro leaves… then toss into food processor

5: Use food processor to chop, mix, grind, the ingredients until they have reached a consistency you are happy with.

6: Pour guacamole into airtight container and put in refridgerator so the flavors blend together for at least four hours.

7: After the chilling in the fridge, take out and serve.

Considering that I am the “I must eat it now” type of person I didn’t wait the alloted time frame and had some guac earlier than I should have, and although it tasted good, the flavors were also too strong. So I waited til much later in the afternoon to which the flavors were well blended and I enjoyed the guac more.

Subsequently the next day I had a bit more of the guac and was very happy with how the flavors blended ultimately and decided that for myself I am probably better off waiting to the next day for the flavor to reach a point that I am personally happy with…

Big surprise I know.

So why guac first? Mainly because I was craving guac and knew that I had a free weekend where I could cook up a firestorm for the remainder of the month and decided to add guacamole into the long list of items to food and prep for the coming weeks.

That and the fact that I wanted a quick and easy snack to chew on while in the office… which meant getting chips (or in my case pita chips from Costco)…. one of these days I am going to learn how to make roti bread (that you can get at Flattop) and use that for the guac dip… but until then… the above will do.

I think for a few attempt it was really good… except for eating far earlier than I should have… >.< silly me.

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