Comparison: Les Miserables Highlights Soundtrack

So there was a lot of speculation as to you which songs got cut, added, adjusted, revised, etc… So I figured that I would provide a quick and simple table to help you understand where the changes were made (if any)…

Keep in mind that I using the “Highlights Soundtrack” for comparison purposes that was released on the 21st of December… and all notes in regards to what was in the film is based off of what was from memory… since I saw this film on Christmas Day.

Later this week I will post a more complete list using the song list as shown on the Wikipedia page (once information can be confirmed)

Look Down Lyric Changes Highlights Soundtrack: there were minimal changes and some cuts.
Film: there were major lyric changes particularly in the dialogue between Valjean and Javert
The Bishop None
Valjean’s Soliloquy None
At the End of the Day None Highlights Soundtrack: There are some cuts (notably Fantine’s plea to the foreman) from the original version, but remaining lyrics stayed the same
Film: There is a major pause soon after “I am the mayor of this town, I run a business of repute” (which was flipped from the original song) then when Valjean leaves the song picks up again.
I Dreamed a Dream None
The Confrontation Missing Lyrics Highlights Soundtrack: Song ends when Javert finishes singing. Missing Valjean lyrics from final verse as well as the bit w/ Fantine
Film: I do not remember if Valjean sings to Fantine in the final bit
Castle on a Cloud None
Master of the House Lyric Changes Introduction to song is heavily revised
Suddenly New Song
Stars None
ABC Cafe / Red and Black Minimal Lyric Changes Highlights Soundtrack: There are minor lyric changes and some cuts from the film
Film: There are minor lyric changes
In My Life – A Heart Full of Love None Highlights Soundtrack: “In My Life” starts with Marius’ verse, and goes verbatim thereafter.
Film: Song is there in its entirety
On My Own None
One Day More None This is harder to decipher in general because of all the overlapping lyrics, but I am fairly certain that the majority (if not all) is there unchanged.
Drink With Me None There is no “female” echo here. Gavroche is instead doing the “female” echo in this song
Bring Him Home None
The Final Battle None
Javert’s Suicide None
Empty Chairs at Empty Tables None
Epilogue Lyric Changes The lyrics changed are when Valjean sings his final goodbye to Cosette right before death. The Bishop sings as Valjean is escorted into the afterlife.

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