Recipe: Spinach-Artichoke Alfredo Pasta Sauce on Four Cheese Ravioli

Yes, this is a little heavy on the dairy (ok a LOT heavy on the dairy), but considering I was just working with what I had in my stores could you blame me?

Anyway I notice a friend of mine online posting a picture where she and her boyfriend had used the recipe and that was what my attention to the point that I wanted to make it myself (considering I had four cheese ravioli that was sitting in my freezer in forever!). So once the recipe was scanned an emailed it still took me a full month until I was able to find the time and the courage to whip up the recipe myself based on what I had on hand and come up with something that was closer… if not exact.

So below is the original ingredient list and directions as sent to me:

As always beyond the break I will explain how I have changed and adapted it and how it came out… unfortunately I do not have pictures at this time so care with me.

First off from the ingredients list the following ingredients I DID NOT add or use:
– onion
– nutmeg

Whileas the following ingredients recommendations I actually replaced in some capacity or another:

Original Ingredients Substitutions
1 cup chicken stock
1 cup heavy cream
approx 2 cup of alfredo sauce (Meijer generic brand)
Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese Mozzarella-Provolone cheese (Meijer generic brand)
cheese tortellini four-cheese ravioli

The directions I actually followed for the most part… but what I did instead is that first I poured the four-cheese ravioli into a casserole dish and then poured the spinach-artichoke pasta sauce directly on top. I left a little bit to the side for me to eat and the rest I covered and put into the fridge to portion control for over the course of the week.

This was an absolutely delicious and definitely forgiving dish for me and one that I will probably continue to make down the road in various ways. It is a nice “healthy” dish – meaning it forces me to have my vegetable intake – and I could actually handle the large dairy intake without issue.

So many thanks to my friend for supplying me with the recipe and I’ll be sure to add in photos whenever I give this a second go down the road… and if I make any significant changes I’ll be sure to create a follow up post along the way.