Reflection: Zenobia the Original Musical Production Coming 2013

This was released for public viewing not that long ago:

According to YouTube:

A promotional video for the original musical, “Zenobia,” being premiered in Bolingbrook, IL in 2013 by Theatre-on-the-Hill, a not-for-profit community theatre. Book and lyrics by Lorrisa Julianus, music by Angela Salvaggione. Comments have been deactivated to discourage abuse, but if you are interested in participating in any capacity or attending, please contact us at

Overview: Zenobia – who was sold into slavery upon birth – is a slave in the household of Danathus, King of Palmyra. While there she falls in love with the young prince: Alexander, who chooses the rebellion against the Roman oppressors which pushes her into the arms of his uncle, Danathus. Together, Danathus and Zenobia expand the empire until his untimely death where she continues the expansion at the chagrin of the Roman Emperor: Aurelian.

How to describe this musical? Epic… that is the best way to describe it.

Though the production is primarily staged there are film aspects that will be integrated to help with pacing of the production… primarily in aiding in the passing of time.

The above video features two numbers from the production: The Sibyl Song and World Made of Dreams.

The featured cast in the above video is as follows (in order of appearance):

Midwife: Michelle Ho
The Sibyl: Erika Enigk Grotto
Slaver: Dennis Paul
Zenobia: Lorrisa Julianus
Alexander: Brent Paul
Danathus: Scott Bovaird
Probus: David Lichty
Seneca Evensen
Bonnie Foster
Michelle Ho
Michael Lynn
Dustin Carroll
Matt Grotto

With juicy roles large and small… solos, a female quartet, comedy, action, and everything in between this is a production that has a little bit for everyone.

In fact this is a production I would highly recommend auditioning for because I can guarantee that there will be something worthwhile to sink your teeth into, and if you can’t audition, come and see when it goes live… you won’t regret it.