Review: Mirror Mirror

So on the plane ride to Korea (on the way to Vietnam) I found time to catch up on a few movies that I was interested n seeing but never really wanted to pay for in any capacity due to the mixed reviews… But watch I did.

First on the list: Mirror Mirror

Julia Roberts as the Wicked Queen / Stepmother is hilarious, some really nice one liners. Heck there are some fun one liners in this movie. she balances the whole vanity / self-indulgent thing to the extent that you are not irritated nor wishing the worst of her. In fact I would go so far as to say that the Wicked Queen is not only the antagonist but also the comedic relief in this particular retelling of the classic story.

Lily Collins is sweet and feisty as Snow White, the princess who was constantly being beaten down by her evil stepmother of a queen. You could see the growth of Snow from the quiet meek young girl overshadowed by her stepmother to growing into her own and becoming a leader in her right.

What I found to be interesting is that in this particular version Snow White was trained by the dwarves to believe in herself and learn how to fight back. And does she fight back. First she becomes a bandit, stealing from the rich and giving to the poor all robin hood like in any effort to defy her stepmother.

the prince is what you expect the prince to be, young, handsome, charming, a fighter… And the occasional idiot and pain in the back side. Needless to say I was charmed, pleasantly.

Overall this retelling of the classic snow white, turns the heroine into a more proactive heroine in her tale, learning to fight side by side with her prince and eventually defeating the evil on her own. The prince isn’t weak by any stretch of the imagination trying to save snow but eventually being disabled in the process.

There were times that I couldn’t help but laugh out loud at times. There were some really good moments many created by the incomparable Julia Roberts, but some of the funniest came from the dwarves as they attack the rich in some capacity or another.

What I was really hoping for was some sort of show down between the Evil Queen and Snow White, but then again considering how much they have changed the storyline while keeping a lot of the basic plot elements I shouldn’t be surprised in the least. Ah well one can’t have everything in life.

The movie’s song was a fun Bollywood inspired number that I found myself watching and watching over and over again.

Overall I may consider purchasing this movie for myself, in only because it was fun entertaining and well worth the simple joy as long as your expectations are low and desire for fun is high.