Conventions: Wizard World Comic Con at Chicago

Between the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (aka as C2E2 in March / April) and the Wizard World Comic Con (in August) I typically prefer going to C2E2 by default. Wizard World always seem to strike me as a bit too chaotic and busy for my taste… which I suppose is odd considering that pretty much every convention is going to be just as crazy and chaotic.

Nevertheless… I went, and really my reasons for going was sound considering my motivation. In hindsight I kind of wished I spent more time at the convention, and not necessarily for the original reasons. Meeting new people is always a positive and this is no different.

The people I met on this trip to the convention may have given me a reason to look towards going on again next year should they be there, but I digress.

One of the things that is always a sight to see at these conventions are the costumes and below are some costumes that caught my attention in some capacity or another. All of these are already on my personal Facebook album that was posted over the weekend… but the ones below reminded me of one thing or another.

Looking through my original images it is of no wonder that my tastes are beyond eclectic… I can’t really determine my own primary interests when there are just so many of them.