Personal Endeavors: Working Backstage

As much as I love the arts, I grew up with a problem solving, mathematics, theoretical mindset… so during the last show that I participated in as ensemble I grew to truly appreciate the stage management, the sound design/engineering and lighting design/engineering.

I never really had a chance to truly work behind the scenes, mainly because I prefer being on stage as opposed to behind the scenes… but when I spent some time with the Sound Designer in learning what goes into determining the pieces of equipment, microphones, antennas etc needless to say I was hooked… or rather hooked enough.

Eventually I would love to learn about lighting design/engineering as well… but without working with someone with not only the love and passion of lighting design but also an engineering mindset, well then… that’s a no go. I much prefer to be the kind of designer/engineer that not only understands the technical side of the spectrum but also the artistic side and marrying those two sides would, hopefully, allow me to be a much more valuable player behind the scenes than the average person. But we’ll see.

So I’ve been researching around and looking to see if perhaps I could find a suitable apprenticeship or internship in the city theatres that I could work with in the interim years, but with so many things on my plate currently… who knows how that would work.

But there has got to be some way to marry what I learned in college and my otherworldly pursuits so I don’t feel terribly overwhelmed.

One step at a time.