Vignette: Silver Moonlight (Story 1)

AUTHOR NOTE: This was written as a part of a compilation series at the Silver Moonlight website in 2001. What happened is that someone starts the story and another picks up a story and continues for a little bit and stops then another picks it up, etc. Silver Moonlight was a Sailor Moon fansite back in the day, so obviously the following is Sailor Moon based.


Mamoru felt the blood drain from his head as those three words escaped Rei’s lips.  Realizing that they are going to need a private room, “Ryoko, please take Ms. Minako Aino to a hospital bed, I will be there is a few minutes. And make sure that her friends are there with her.”

Ryoko protested, “But sir, Ms. Aino should be tested for…”

“I know what Ms. Aino has, just take them to a hospital room, and I will be there shortly.” With a slight nod the secretary called upon a nurse to take the quartet to an empty hospital room.

As the four were being ushered away, Rei looked back towards Mamoru’s direction, within, she knew that Mamoru is tearing himself apart for not being there to protect Usagi. At the same time he was trying to pull himself together so find the next course of action.

Mamoru for his part was beating himself up for not being there to protect Usagi. He did feel her transform, but that faded rather soon.  Walking away from the waiting room, Mamoru went directly to his office to gather his bearings, <if Usagi is not here then where is she?>  Mamoru felt for their bond and realized that Usagi is no where in this dimension, but another. <Then how to get to her?> Mamoru reached his office and fell onto the chair. His hand combed through his jet black hair. After going through his hair, his hand was full of perspiration.

He took a deep breath, he has to stay strong, not just for his sake, but for the sake of the other senshi, of his Usako. After a few short moments Mamoru walked to the hospital room where the four girls resided.

After he was sure that no one was within hearing distance, he placed his hand upon Minako head and concentrated his aura to heal her wound. Much to the shock of the other senshi a golden aura surrounded Mamoru’s hand and soon surrounded the Senshi of Love. After a few moments, Minako’s wounds were healed, though with a headache from her concussion.

“Mamoru, how did you?” Ami stammered, there were no words that could describe what she felt.

Mamoru shook his head, “There is no time, we have to find Usako and soon. Mamoru walked towards the hospital phone, intent on telling the receptionist that he was going to take the rest of the week off due to a personal emergency when a black portal opened in the room.

The senshi were readying themselves for a possible battle when a young girl of about twelve walked through the portal. Her hair was of the darkest purples, her eyes a darker shade of purple, were cold, and unyielding. She wore a sailor fuku of violet with black bows, she wore purple boots that laced up to her knees. In her hand was a glaive that stood more than a foot taller than her.

Much to the shock of the people in the room, “I am Sailor Saturn, and now,” she pointed her now glowing glaive towards the portal, “you have to leave here if you wish to secure the future of Crystal Tokyo.”

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