Reflections: 25 Things…

This was posted as a note on my Facebook page probably a few years ago. I’m thinking about 2009-ish. So a lot of people haven’t really seen this from what I can recall.

The “25 Things” is suppose to represent twenty-five things about you that most people wouldn’t know about right off the bat and that you wouldn’t mind letting people know about. So the first time I did it, the list turned out to be very depressing so I deleted it and decided not to do it. Then I tried again and was a little bit happier with what I came up with… so I took it off of my Facebook page and brought here instead.

Ironically, looking at this now, there were some things that were meant for the year of 2009, but in the end also works for 2012. So for those of you that have seen this already, I apologize, but for those that haven’t, well enjoy!

1. If I could start life all over again I would have either 1) skipped high school completely and went straight to college or 2) tried out for theater and athletics earlier rather than just studied all the time.

2. The irony of 1.2) is that I hated high school enough to slam the door on that part of my life and never look back even though as a whole high school was less of a roller coaster ride for me than college was.

3. Hate is too strong a word for me to use… if I dislike someone THAT much I just create a caricature of them and toss them into a story and kill them off in any way I see fit. Imagination is a VERY useful tool. Then in the reality I really just ignore the person or keep them at a far off distance if I really did dislike them that much… more fun that way.

4. I am an incurable romantic, I eat, live, breathe, dream romance…

5. Years of being a wallflower in elementary and high school has allowed me to see people as they really are without having to approach them. Case in point: pinpointing a person’s true personality vs what they tend to show.

6. I have a habit of being able to figure things out without really understanding how it all works. Somehow intuition takes control and that guides me in how things work, but I can’t explain why it works.

7. Decisions are hard for me, primarily because I am constantly waging a war between my head and my heart… I listen to both equally, I just don’t want to make a decision based entirely on one end when I should have listened to the other. Eventually when I do make that decision it’s because I’ve looked at every possible outcome and chose the path that makes the most sense to me logically and intuitively.

8. I vowed a long time ago that if I were ever to go out of country I best go to Vietnam first… Now that I’ve gone to Vietnam I think it’s time to visit the rest of the world.

9. Even though I am in engineering now… When I graduated college I swore I would never go into the engineering industry despite receiving a bachelor’s in the field. Primarily because I didn’t want to deal with the stress… life is funny that way.

10. At one point in high school I was working three part time jobs, tutoring and babysitting on the side for a grand total of 70 hours a week. When I was in college I was working two part time jobs (at 20 hours a week each), web designing and tutoring (totalling up to another 20 hours a week), an almost overload class schedule (18 semester hours) AND had a senior design project due all over the course of a year. So when people complain/rant about how hard their life is, I don’t sympathize.

11. When someone complains about a 30 min to one hour commute I usually give them a dirty look and say that I drove to Chicago from the suburbs in the middle of rush hour traffic both ways for five years while in college… After all, if you’re going to complain about the commute then either find a new job or move!

12. I haven’t watched a television show (Olympics not included) since sophomore year in high school. I tried the whole channel-surfing thing one day recently when I was being unusually lazy and felt brain cells die and my IQ going down. I can’t understand why people have to watch so much television when there is a whole world to explore.

13. Granted I do own television shows on DVD, and I do keep up with some television shows via online synopsis or youtube… =) but even with those I haven’t really watched anything new since college either… besides I prefer being spoiled before actually watching a movie.

14. When I was trying to figure out what to major in when applying for college I managed to narrow down my choices to: Engineering, Education and Performing Arts. Interesting that most of my younger life was spent tutoring and my present life is comprised of Engineering and Performing Arts.

15. I don’t have favorite genres, just favorite books, artists, songs, etc. However, I am a completist by nature and even if I don’t like a particular piece of the whole, I’d still get it only because it completes the whole.

16. I didn’t start listening to pop/mainstream music until I started driving to college everyday. I was brought up on opera, classical and Vietnamese folk music. Eventually musical theater as well (though that could be considered as American opera).

17. I tried out for So You Think You Can Dance (season Three) and just missed Las Vegas auditions because of my solo… which was expected considering I didn’t actually put anything together until a couple weeks before Chicago auditions.

18. Western astrology I follow for the fun of it, Eastern Astrology (aka lunar astrology) I follow because I believe in it… if only because it has been far too accurate for me to ignore it thus far… and not accurate in the general terms you read as you wish type, but accurate in the “you will do this at this age” type.

19. Which is ironic because according to the natal chart my mom had done when I was a baby said I was suppose to marry by the time I’m thirty-one… but according to the one that I had done for me when i was in college said that i was suppose to meet the guy that I’m going to marry when I’m twenty-eight/twenty-nine and marry him preferably after I’m thirty…

20. Once every one to two years I chop a foot of my hair off to send to Locks-of-Love, because the way I see it all the times you have your hair cut, accumulate all those pieces of hair and you could have had a few wigs made for other people that don’t have the luxury of growing hair.

21. I found out early in life that the less product I use on my skin and hair the better I’ll age as I progress in life (not to mention the healthier I look).

22. On the same token, I completely believe on keeping everything au natural unless it’s a health issue.

23. Even though I can act, I can’t lie… but I believe in omiting the truth. Well, for the most part.

24. There is only one thing I am not remotely confident in. Everything else is just a matter of getting over it.

25. After my ex-bf and I broke up I didn’t believe in love… in fact I gave up on the whole heroes and Romeos idealism (despite the fact I still write about it on occasion). Go figure that I’ll end up falling for the one man who is not only the dark brooding knight I love so much, but he’s truly my white knight in shining armor.

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