Review: New Millennium Theatre’s Scott Janus Monster Hunter

Here is a comedic monster show that will do nothing but entertain you to the point that you would keep talking until you reach home.

This original show completed it’s run at Theater Wit the Saturday before Halloween, it is a story set in a small town where a young comic geek is trying to prove that his neighbor is a vampire. When everyone believes him to be mad, he calls Scott Janus (whose ad was found in a comic book) for help in killing off the vampire.

When the vampire realizes that Scott Janus is in town, he calls in reinforcements to aid in terminating the thorn in their perpetual sides. A high stakes chase in trying to save the town ensues with an ending that this theatre goes definitely didn’t see coming.

Although there are aspects of the show that was just plain predictable, there were aspects of the show that was just laugh out loud roaring fun and games… especially when they start poking fun at one particular sparkling vampire “in training”.

This was another production that the beau took me to, and quite honestly it was well worth it. Non stop laughs, and for any geek out there, the nuances just keep coming. If anything, it is shows like this one that gives hope that creativity is still out there, you just need to know where to look.

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